Vastavirtalaite 4,1kW PoolJet

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Tehokas vastavirtalaite uima-altaalle.

Ui vaikka koko päivä uima-altassasi kääntymättä.

The Pool Jet 84-3F is the perfect pool equipment for exercise, fitness, fun and well-being. A countercurrent plant is the aquatic response to a treadmill as it effectively converts any pool into an endless swimming pool.Build strength and endurance while improving your swimming technique. And use the Pool Jet counterflow system for massage and rehabilitation. And the children will love to tumble in the refreshing current that can be varied in strength.In short, Pool Jet is the ideal solution when the space is limited.


  • Turns the pool into an Oasis of Relaxation and fitness.
  • Virtually convert your pool length to infinity.
  • Swim all day and never touch the wall.
  • Stay fit. Use the pool for Aqua fitness: Walk, Jog, Swim or Massage.
  • This counterflow system is ready for an easy installation. It is possible to regulate the jet strength and air suction on the nozzle of 40 mm in diameter, which is directionaly adjustable. The nozzle, suction  and pneumatic switch are positioned in the front cover panel of the equipment.

    Complete counterflow system V-Jet including

  • Counterflow nozzle 40 mm (regulation water – air)
  • Front cover panel in attractive design
  • Pool wall lead-through
  • Pump with varied performance
  • Electropneumatic switch with safety element
  • PVC fittings

Technical data

  • Pressure switch for ON/OFF
  • Inside jet for water regulation
  • Outside jet for air suction regulation
  • Maximal water flow by turning inside jet to left
  • Reduction of water flow by turning inside jet to the right


  • Max. flow; 84 m3/h (23.3 L/s)
  • Voltage; 400 V
  • Power consumption; 4.1 kW
  • Fuse: 6 - 10 A
  • Connection; 75 mm

PVC fittings included

  • 2 pcs valve 75 mm
  • 3 pcs elbow fitting 90 degrees 75 mm
  • 1 pcs. reduction 90/75 mm
  • 1 m pipes 75 mm.
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